How To Import Projections

  • How to Import your Own Projections / Points
  • Correct Format & Layout of an Import File

Lineup Lab has built-in support for certain projection sources. Those points are fully editable too. But what if you want to use a different set of projections? Maybe you have a favorite source, or maybe you created them yourself, in any case, Lineup Lab has you covered.

Instead of manually keying in each point for each player, you can import a spreadsheet of your desired players and points.

To start, select a sport and operator site from the home page. Then click on "Import Custom Projections" on the right. Lineup Lab

Next, you will see the importing screen: Lineup Lab

To begin, you will need to select a base projection source. You can overwrite all of the players, or just a few of them. This way, all of the players' salaries, teams, positions, etc are already set, and all you have to import are the points. Select the source and click Next. Lineup Lab You should then see the next screen, asking you to choose an import file. Click "Choose File". Lineup Lab

Before we go on, lets look at an example import file. It is fairly simple: Lineup Lab

As you can see, the file is just a spreadsheet of the players names and their points. IMPORTANT: Be sure to put the words "name" and "points" at the top.

When you create this file (in excel, or openoffice, etc), be sure to save it as a "CSV" file. You can usually do this by clicking "File > Save As > CSV". Once you save, if it asks for other info, just accept the defaults and click ' ok/yes/next/etc'.

Once your file is ready, select it and click 'Open'. Lineup Lab

If your file was successfully loaded, you will see the title of your file appear.

Click Next. Lineup Lab

If things go well, you will see a list of your players, and their new points. If the system was unable to match a player, you might see a red 'X'. This means that either a) the spelling is way off or b) he isn't playing that day. Click 'Import' to finish. Lineup Lab

You should now see a success screen. Simply scroll down and all of your imported players and their new points should be loaded into the main table (Player Pool). Lineup Lab

Importing can be very helpful if you are already generating projections in excel. Now, you don't have to manually type everything into Lineup Lab! Please let us know if you have any issues.

Check out some of the other tutorials or jump into the application and start building lineups!

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Importing Video

A quick video on Importing (Coming Soon).