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We Create DFS Winners.

  • Andrew Morris
  • Greg Schmidt
  • Doug Norrie
  • Mark Zimmerman
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The Most Accurate Projections.

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(4for4 has been the most accurate NFL projector since 2010)

Pros use software. Why wouldn't you?

With over 2 trillion possible lineups, do you think you can manually find the #1 solution? How about the 43,540th solution?

Without an optimizer, you probably aren't in the top 1 billion.

The Right DFS Tools. Without the Filler.

Accurate Projections

Predicting the future can be hard. So accurate projections are the key to everything. We use only the best.

Tournament Mode

Create lineups with just the right amount of player diversity to take down tournaments. Then quickly upload those lineups directly to your contest.

Most Advanced Tools

Create stacked lineups, double stack, lock/limit players, import data, save your work, and much more!

What Others are Saying

"I took down 1st out of 44,000 for $11,500. I'm up $20k in June alone! Love the Lab!"

Mark |

"Teaming up with the top accuracy projectors was a stroke of genius.You can give fantasy players a huge edge over their competition. Love it."

Val R.

"Lineup Lab with DFSR's projections got me $17,500 in the DK World Championship in San Diego."

D. Norrie |

"I'll never play on Fanduel again without it."


"It really is a great tool."

G. Schmidt |
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Pick Like the Pros