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Lineup Lab equips you with the best NFL projections and the most user friendly DFS optimizer.

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Pick Like the Pros

  • Accurate Projections

    Predicting the future can be hard. So accurate projections are the key to everything. We use only the best. Real time projections ensure your lineups are always up to date.

  • Tournament Diversity

    Create lineups with just the right amount of player diversity to take down tournaments. Then quickly upload those lineups directly to your contest.

  • Most Advanced Tools

    Create stacked lineups, double stack teams, lock, exclude, limit exposure and use our advanced player lab filters to refine the player pool with expert precision.

  • Top Solutions

    With over 2 trillion possible lineups, do you think you can manually find the #1 solution? How about the 43,540th solution? Without an optimizer, you probably aren't in the top 1 billion.

As seen onOur best daily fantasy optimizer has been featured on Sports Illustrated!

Works on All Your Screens!

Don't you hate it when you love a product, but then you try to use it on your phone...and suddenly it sucks? We do too.

That's why we designed our tools to be mobile first, so you can expertly construct your lineups from your couch, the back of an uber, or on the john!

Lineup Lab NFL
            Lineup Optimizer displayed on laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Choose
            DraftKings Or FanDuel from the daily fantasy site section of the side
            menu. Then narrow down the pool of players with our player filters. Finally click calculate to generate the most optimal fantasy football lineup.

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