Reduce Risk and Boost DFS Tournament Winnings with "Limits"

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Often times, daily fantasy lineup optimizers will generate results that are overly dominated by certain players. If one of those players has a bad day, many of your lineups can quickly go bust. See how to boost your bankroll & reduce player-exposure using the ‘limits’ feature. One of the most helpful but underused features on Lineup Lab!

You can find the limits field for each player on the right hand side of the optimizer. This is what it looks like:


Essentially what this does is limit the number of results that a player can show up in. So if we put a 5 here, that player would show up in no more than 5 results. The 6th result would use a different player. Easy! But lets go through a real example to show you some tips and tricks.

First, lets run a default calculation to see what our results look like today.


Once I have my results, I am going to click “Download” and then click “Importable”.


This is the csv that we would normally take to Fanduel or Draftkings to easily import multiple lineups. But more importantly, we can use it to quickly see if any of our positions are being dominated by a certain player.


Yep, clearly a few players are dominating certain positions. Today is a Colorado day, which would explain some of these players. I want to mix things up a bit and reduce my exposure to some of these players. So lets click the blue ‘Go Back’ button.


If we want to limit Lance McCullers to 5 lineups, we would simply enter a ‘5’ in his limit field.


But since pitching is so important, I am going to take this a step further and show you what I would typically do. First, I am going to remove all of the pitchers I am not interested in today, and then apply a limit to pitchers I AM interested in. So lets say I want a mix of these 3 pitchers:


As you can see, I applied a limit to each of them. This is how I want these players to be disbursed across my 10 results.
So now, if I take a look at my results, I can see that the system followed my rules for the pitcher position.


And thats really it! If we want to drill down into other positions and limit other players, we can easily do so by just entering a number in their limit field.

If we are ready to submit these, we can hop over to our favorite Fanduel or Draftkings tournament and upload our CSV. For Fanduel, click on the "Upload Lineups from CSV" link.


Then just select ‘choose file’ and find the csv you downloaded. Once you click upload, your lineups will be submitted, making life much easier!


There you have it. You are now ready to generate optimized but diverse Fanduel and Draftkings lineups using the "Limits" feature!

Here is a short 4 minute video explaining the above:

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