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NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

*Cory Hanley*

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Wednesday brings some hot-action in the NBA with 9 games on the schedule.  There are plenty of options at the Shooting Guard and Small Foward positions, but it could get a little tricky in some of the other spots. That’s why it’s key to find the right cheap daily fantasy basketball sleepers that could help you create a winning entry. Sign up for our Newsletter and try our Playerlab tool, where you can filter the stats that matter the most and find the value players that are low-owned on FanDuel and DraftKings like Andrew Harrison and Jarell Martin.

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Point Guards

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Andrew Harrison, vs. Suns (FD: $6,000, DK: $5,700)
Projected Points: FD: 29.79, DK: 29.26

While Tyreke Evans sits out with his ribs injury, Harrison has taken full advantage of the usage rate (as it has increased 3.67%). Not only is Evans out but so many of the other Grizzlies are struggling with injuries as well right now. Which leaves Harrison in prime position to soak up the minutes and score the points especially against one of the top ten worst defenses in the league. Last time out versus the Suns Harrison scored 30 DraftKings / Fanduel points on 30 minutes of play.

J.J. Barea, vs. Thunder (FD: $6,500, DK: $5,800)
Projected Points: FD: 29.51, DK: 31.42

Barea had a quick move to the bench on Monday but still managed to garner 36 DraftKings points / 33 FanDuel points in 26 minutes of play. Shooting 7-of-11, dishing out nine assists while making three 3-pointers for 19 points. Now they decided that his production is so key to the team that they can’t keep him on the bench as he is back in the starting lineup tonight. He is a consistent player with a great price on DraftKings.


Shootings Guards

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Evan Fournier, vs. Raptors (FD: $5,900, DK: $5,300)
Projected Points: FD: 26.87, DK: 27.76

Orlando and Toronto are currently eighth and ninth in pace-of-play, this means plenty of scoring opportunities for as there is a Vegas total of 221 tonight. Fournier has definitely been seeing the minutes, ever since the Magic sent Elfrid Payton to the Suns. If he gets his regular playing time of around 34-35 minutes he might be able to produce near the top of his ceiling against the Suns, meaning 40 fantasy points.

Josh Jackson, vs. Grizzlies (FD: $5,100, DK: $5,600)
Projected Points: FD: 17.69, DK: 17.74

Why isn’t Josh Jackson constantly in the starting rotation? I’m not sure that’s a great question. His minutes hit are generally 27-30 making him a fairly good runner-up for the sixth man of the year award (we all know that Lou Williams will win this again, right?) Jackson was impressive Monday night versus the Pelicans, scoring 20 points with 12 rebounds and getting that not so coveted double-double. Last time out versus the Grizzlies Jackson managed to score 31.5 DraftKing points and 29.6 FanDuel points.


Small Forward

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Taurean Prince, vs. Pacers (FD: $5,200, DK: $5,700)
Projected Points: FD: 23.19, DK: 23.33

Prince is coming off of a game in which he hit a total of 24 points, three rebounds, three assists and three steals. For a total of 40 DraftKings / Fanduel points. His numbers seem to be steadily increasing, which if you believe in that sort of thing, this means he could be on the start of a heater.

Trevor Ariza, vs. Clippers (FD: $4,700, DK: $4,600)
Projected Points: FD: 23.89, DK: 24.02

Now this one comes with a warning, Ariza recently missed nine games with a hamstring injury. His coach says that he may limit him, but he really has yet to have done so. This is one of those picks where it could go either way, he has done well against the Clippers in the past and we are expecting the total to be the highest in the league tonight. Sometimes you get a feeling that’s beyond description, Ariza is that gut-feeling for me tonight.


Power Forward

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Davis Bertans, vs. Pelicans (FD: $4100, DK: $3900)
Projected Points: FD: 11.46, DK: 11.65

Pau Gasol (knee) has been ruled out Wednesday night, making his way into the starting lineup is Bertans again. He generally gets minutes in the high 20’s – low 30’s when he starts and versus a Pelicans squad who are not that great of a defensive squad down-low I would expect about a 20 floor, 27 ceiling from Bertans tonight. Which means, not *great* production, but he is a fantastic guy if you’re looking to save some money so that you can put in one of those studs that Mike Barner talks about in his Sports Illustrated article today.

Jarell Martin, vs. Suns (FD: $4100, DK: $4400)
Projected Points: FD: 22.93, DK: 22.8

First of all, the Phoenix Suns are the worst (in the past four weeks) at guarding the power forward position. Averaging 61.36 fantasy points to competitors and giving up 15.55 rebounds per game. Secondly, Martin’s minute increase in the past three games has seen a boost by nearly 8 mins per game. When he started last time versus the Suns he scored 27 DraftKings and 30 FanDuel points in 34 minutes.




NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Sleepers Lineup Picks for 2/28/18

Andre Drummond, vs. Bucks (FD: $10,300, DK: $9,600)
Projected Points: FD: 50.44, DK: 51.08

The center position is always a position you want to try to pay up for, simply because they generally receive the most points. Drummond is on a heater, there’s no denying that he’ll probably be the chalkiest of options at the position. But, I think he is definitely the guy to pay up for today. Last time out versus the Bucks he scored 62 DraftKings and 59 FanDuel points. He is a must play in all formats on DraftKings and if you can afford him, FanDuel as well.

Marcin Gortat, vs. Warriors (FD: $4700, DK: $4800)
Projected Points: FD: 18.54, DK: 18.55

Gortat is not a bad cheap option, if you need a salary saver, at the position. You just have to find the nights when he is capable of scoring at least 30 fantasy points. Tonight is one of those nights. Last time out versus the Warriors he scored 33 DraftKings and FanDuel points. Not a bad punt play if you need one here.

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks 1/15/18

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks 1/15/18

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BRING in 2018 with code “NEWYEAR40” at checkout for 40% off Seasonal Package



Chris Paul ($10,800 FD/$10,300 DK) – 

Aside from the immense production CP3 has provided as the primary source of offense while Harden is sidelined, Paul has a rather interesting matchup in this small four game main slate. He will be seeing some familiar faces Monday night in his reunion with his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers. I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a “revenge game”, but CP will definitely want to make a statement with his play. This matchup is set to be with high tempo as both teams rank in the top 11 in the league in pace of play, which could benefit Paul greatly. He may be a perfect play to pay up for.

De’Aaron Fox ($6,300 FD/$4,900 DK) – 

With the recent blow to Frank Mason, Fox has picked up some extra minutes running the point for this Sacramento team. He has logged 30 or more minutes in five of the six games since Mason’s absence, averaging 29.4 FanDuel PPG in that span. His matchup with OKC isn’t very favorable in any means, but at a reduced price and almost guaranteed 30+ minutes in a small slate like this one, he seems to be worth the risk.


Lou Williams ($9,100 FD/$8,900 DK) – 

Lou Will has been one of the biggest beneficiaries to the Clipper’s injury epidemic as he is consuming much bigger usage rates and more minutes. His opponent Monday, the Houston Rockets, rank 18th in defending shooting guards giving Lou a bit of an advantage. He is averaging 48 FanDuel PPG over his last three contests as he still remains under $10,000, giving him a massive value recently. He won’t stuff the stat sheet in many categories besides points, but has been efficient enough to obliterate the point column along with a steal or two. (Had 4 in his last game.)

Donovan Mitchell ($7,400 FD/$7,100 DK) – 

One of the more consistent plays in this slate, both production and salary wise consists of Donovan Mitchell. The rookie has scored 30 or more FanDuel points in 7 straight games. At a low 7K range salary Mitchell is a great plug in play to compliment your superstars with a fairly cheap price tag and upside. He is capable of 40+ point nights in just about any slate which gives him that hidden upside when taking him.



Kevin Durant ($10,700 FD/$9,800 DK) – 

There’s always a bit of attention drawn in when the Warriors and Cavaliers meet which is a matchup Kevin Durant has some serious upside in. The last time these teams met KD provided 54.9 FanDuel points on a 25 point and 5 block performance. This game features a massive 231 projected total as the Cavs hold one of the leagues worst defenses. With both teams having decent pace, expect a lot of offense to be on display in this one in which Kevin Durant leads the pack. (Hopefully)

Gerald Green ($4,600 FD/$5,300 DK) – 

Gerald Green will always be my favorite SF play during this Harden-less Rockets era. Green remains to be extremely cheap, and reliable. His increase of minutes adds more value to his play as it’s not easy turning down a player listed at $4,600 who you know will be seeing minutes in the high 20’s or low 30’s. That goes especially for this matchup as the Clippers rank 27th in the league in defending small forwards. You’ll need a few cheap options in your lineup tonight, and you should start with Gerald Green.


Draymond Green ($8,200 FD/$7,700 DK) – 

Another day, another thin PF slate. Green appears to have the best matchup of night among the PF’s in the main slate as he squares off with the already mentioned Cavaliers. At around 8K Draymond has an opportunity to do some damage. Green has been stuffing the stat sheet lately, generating at least 7  assists in five of his last six games. He also added double digit scoring to four of those six games as well. In addition to points and assists, in those same six games he has grabbed double digit rebounds in four of them. Against Cleveland’s poor defense, Green has no reason not to exceed value and collect digits in every category.

Montrezl Harrell ($5,400 D/$4,600 DK) – 

Harrell has been a spark off the Clippers bench recently, averaging 29.4 FanDuel PPG over his last three games. Scoring has not been a problem off the bench for the big man, as he has easily put up double digits in those three games while averaging roughly 24 minutes of playing time. His matchup is a little tough, but shouldn’t worry you. If Harrell can maintain his recent production and maybe obtain a steal and block or two, he will be a lot more than you expected when constructing your lineup.


Clint Capela ($7,800 FD/$7,200 DK) – 

Similar to the PF position, Center isn’t very attractive either. Capela shows a lot of upside tonight especially with his small bump in usage he’s already obtained through Harden’s court vacancy. Capela has posted a double-double in four of his last five games, with the one lone game consisting of him falling one single rebound short. His matchup is mediocre Monday night but as mentioned he will get some extra touches as a result of the Rocket’s leading source of offense is injured.

Kevin Love ($7,000 FD/$7,600 DK) –

For a player like Kevin Love, both price tags are too cheap. Love has proved this season just how effective he can be on any given night. He must be excited to play GSW again, as the last time they met Love scorched them for 31 points and 18 rebounds. The Warriors rank a fair 16th in the league in defending centers, giving Love a little bit of upside to work with. One thing remarkable about Love this season is that he is producing these healthy numbers on a shortage of minutes, however, since GSW plays small most of the time, Love may see more minutes to assert a center’s presence on the court.

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks for 12/15/17

*Mike Barner*

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks for 12/15/17

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NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

Damian Lillard, POR at ORL
FanDuel = $9,500
DraftKings = $9,400

Lillard only scored 18 points in his last game Wednesday against the Heat, but he was rolling before that with at least 29 points in four straight games. He’s been dealing with a sore ankle of late, but hasn’t missed any time and is expected to play Friday. This is a great matchup against the Magic as not only do they play at the seventh-fastest pace (102.2) in the league but they also really struggle to defend point guards. Look for Lillard to get back to his scoring ways in this game, providing an excellent option for your entry.

Milos Teodosic, LAC at WAS
FanDuel = $6,300
DraftKings = $4,500

Teodosic is still rounding into form after missing 22 games due to injury but did manage to get up to 25 minutes in his last game Wednesday against the Magic. He made the most of his playing time, scoring eight points to go along with six rebounds, six assists, one steal and one block. The Clippers will be without Austin Rivers (concussion) on Friday, which could lead to more minutes for Teodosic if the club feels he is ready. If you are looking for a cheaper point guard option with upside, Teodosic might be your man.


NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

Lou Williams, LAC at WAS
FanDuel = $8,800
DraftKings = $7,600

The Clippers have been decimated by injuries this year, leaving them to count on Williams more than they expected. Even though he has only started five games, he’s averaging a career-high 31 minutes per contest. Never one to shy away from shots, Williams is averaging 14.8 attempts per game, resulting in a career-high 20.0 points. With Rivers and Danilo Gallinari (hip) out Friday, Williams is primed for another big scoring night against the Wizards.

Gary Harris, DEN vs. NO
FanDuel = $6,400
DraftKings = $6,400

Harris showed why he is one of the main offensive weapons for the Nuggets by scoring 36 points Wednesday against the Celtics. He’s averaging the most minutes per game (34) on the team, giving him an added opportunity to produce. The Pelicans play at the sixth-fastest pace (102.3) and allow the second-most points per game (111.5) in the league, which is good news for the offensive-minded Harris. If you don’t want to pay up for Williams, look no further than Harris for excellent upside.


NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL vs. CHI
FanDuel = $12,500
DraftKings = $11,600

Giannis may have the highest floor of any player in DFS. Playing time is never a problem as he’s averaging 38 minutes per game and his 33.5% usage rate is fifth-best in the NBA. While he has some talented players around him in Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton, they compliment his game well without taking away any scoring opportunities. Few teams in the NBA have someone who can match up with him defensively, but the Bulls don’t have anyone close to being capable of slowing him down. Get ready for a huge performance.

Rudy Gay, SA at HOU
FanDuel = $5,400
DraftKings = $5,700

It’s no surprise that Gay has seen a decrease in production since joining the Spurs as they brought him in to be more of a supporting piece as opposed to a leading scoring. Not only is Gay averaging a career-low 24 minutes per game, but his average of 12.8 points per game is the lowest since his rookie season. He’s played better than that lately though, averaging 16.3 points and 7.3 rebounds over his last six games. The Rockets like to use a lot of small lineups, which could mean a few extra minutes for Gay. He’s priced low enough to be a viable option Friday.


NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

Serge Ibaka, TOR vs. BKN
FanDuel = $6,500
DraftKings = $6,100

Ibaka has turned back the clock lately, averaging 18.8 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.8 blocks and 3.0 three-pointers over his last six games. He gets to play the Nets Friday, a team that doesn’t have a ton of quality depth up front. The Nets also play at the second-fastest pace (104.2) in the league, so Ibaka is going to get extra chances to keep his recent hot streak alive. With a significant role on tap for this game, get Ibaka in your lineup.

John Collins, ATL at MEM
FanDuel = $5,900
DraftKings = $5,500

After missing six straight games, Collins returned to play 19 minutes Thursday against the Pistons. He made the most of his limited minutes, scoring 15 points to go along with seven rebounds, one steal, and one block. Despite playing only 23 minutes per game this season, the talented rookie has still managed to average 11.7 points and 7.1 rebounds per contest. The Hawks are thin up front with Dewayne Dedmon (leg) out and really need Collins to produce. Although he may again see limited minutes in the second night of a back-to-back Friday, he’s priced low enough to warrant consideration.


NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

Andre Drummond, DET at IND
FanDuel = $9,400
DraftKings = $9,100

Drummond is in a scoring slump, averaging only 7.8 points over his last four games. He still provides value even when he’s not scoring though as he also averaged 15.3 rebounds over that same stretch. Friday will mark his third game of the season already against the Pacers, a team that allows the second-most DraftKings points per game and the most FanDuel points per game to opposing centers. Drummond was no outlier, averaging 12.5 points, 18.0 rebounds and 2.5 blocks in those two games. He’ll cost you a lot, but should be worth it based on his opponent.

Marcin Gortat, WAS vs. LAC
FanDuel = $4,500
DraftKings = $5,300

Gortat shouldn’t be confused with a high-upside play as he just doesn’t score enough to be in that class. He still hovers around a double-double though, averaging 9.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game this season. The Wizards are going to need him Friday because although the Clippers have a ton of injuries, DeAndre Jordan is healthy and logging 33 minutes per game. Gortat finished with nine points and eight rebounds when these same two teams met Saturday, so he can provide value at this cheap price.